Travel Gear Guide


Many of you have been asking about my travel gear. So I’ve put together this page to share my long-term travel packing list. Obviously you want to use high-quality, lightweight & durable stuff.

The gear I use may not work for everyone. I carry extra electronic equipment to maintain this travel blog, and some camping equipment for the nights I choose to spend trekking up mountains, hitchhiking long distance, or exploring rainforests on my own.

All travelers have different tastes & requirements while on the road. The following gear list is just what I’ve found works best for my particular travel style.

While I often travel on an extreme budget, my gear can be expensive. I want it to be functional, multi-purpose, comfortable, and very tough. I don’t want to keep replacing worn-out equipment every few months — plus I have a slight obsession with keeping travel gear as lightweight as possible!

There are certainly lower-cost alternatives to some of these things.

Below you’ll find the travel gear that I currently use and love. Total weight of everything is 18 kg (40 lbs).

Basic Travel Gear

Backpack 38L Backpack
Day Pack 22L Day Pack
Lightweight Jacket Weatherproof Jacket
Light Hiking Shoes Hiking Shoes
Luna Sandals Luna Sandals
Sleeping Bag Sleeping Bag
Camping Hammock Camping Hammock
Headlamp Headlamp
Toiletries Toiletries
Sunglasses Sunglasses
Water Bottle Filter Filtered Water Bottle
Luggage Lock Luggage Lock
Shemagh Shemagh Scarf
Leatherman Multitool Small Multi-Tool
Earplugs Earplugs
Aloksak Bags Aloksak Waterproof Bags
Pack It Sac Pack-It Sacs (4)
Compression Bag Compression Bag

Travel Clothing

You don’t need a huge wardrobe to travel. This is all the clothing I pack when traveling around the world.

Sweater Sweater/Sweatshirt (1 or 2)
Travel Pants Travel Pants (1)
Jeans Jeans (1)
Travel Shorts Hiking Shorts (1)
Boardshorts Boardshorts (1)
Collared Shirt Collared Shirts (2)
T Shirts T-Shirts (4)
Underwear Underwear (4)
Hiking Socks Socks (4)
Bandana Bandanas (2)

Electronic Gear

I would not be able to produce a travel blog of this caliber without some computer equipment. Other electronics are not absolutely needed, but they improve my quality of life on the road enough to be worth the weight.

Macbook Laptop 13″ Macbook Pro
Magic Mouse Magic Mouse
Hard Drive 4TB Hard Drive (2)
iPhone Unlocked iPhone 7+
Power Strip Power Strip
Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth Speaker
Kindle Kindle Paperwhite
WiFi Antenna WiFi Antenna
Travel Adapter Universal Travel Adapter

Travel Photography Gear

For the photographers out there, this is the camera equipment I use for my travel photography.

Sony A7 Camera Sony A7R II Camera
Microphone Sennheiser MKE 400
GoPro Camera GoPro & Accessories
Sony 16-35 Lens Zeiss 16-35 F4
Travel Tripod Sirui Carbon Tripod
Ballhead RRS Compact Ballhead
Sony 70-200 Lens Sony 70-200 F4
Sony Flash Sony 43M Flash & LED
Camera Bag Domke F8 Camera Bag