For the first 3 weeks of November of 2018, I explored India for the second time that year and traveled through seven of the country’s most fascinating cities. And if it’s possible, I fell even more in love with this amazing, magical place. And this time, I got to see it all with my good friend Sam from Sam & Audrey!

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Day two in Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore, continued that afternoon and evening with another divine , followed by a visit to Park! Come along with me, Sam, and our new friend Anashwara for another food adventure in Bengaluru!

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First, we hit up a local spot called , a restaurant that has served Andhra-style food since 1984. We ordered a spicy, thali, complete with rice bathed in tons of ghee, dal with spinach, palya, sambar, rasam, peanut chutney, buttermilk, payasam, curd, chicken Nagarjuna, and more, all served on a large leaf.

I started off with a few pieces of chicken Nagarjuna, which I was told would be spicy, was wasn’t too hot. The spice kind of creeped up on me!

Next, we dove into the thali by mixing a spice called gun powder with the ghee rice. It looked so rich, like an amazing yellow rice after I mixed it in. There is an unreal amount of ghee in that rice! It was a little peppery, but not too spicy, and was really good!

The next item on our plate that we went for was the dal mixed with spinach, which I mixed with some of the rice. There were some peppers and herbs in it, and it was extremely tasty. The next thing I tried with the gunpowder/ghee rice is the palya, which is a vegetable dish that contained carrots and chickpeas. It was nice and refreshing and not spicy at all.

Next up was the peanut chutney, which was full of delicious peanut flavor. It was so nutty, almost like peanut butter, and so flavorful with the gunpowder/ghee rice. I was blown away. Everything felt homecooked and so authentic and it was so delicious I had to lick my fingers!

Then it was time for the sambar, which is light, refreshing, has a soupy consistency, and wasn’t too spicy. I went back to the chicken Nagarjuna and tried it with the peanut chutney. So good! It was like a peanut butter chicken. I followed that by mixing some of the rasam, which contains tomatoes and spices, with my rice.

For the end of the meal, Anashwara instructed me to mix some of the curd with some of the new rice I’d been served. It was cool and refreshing, like a mix of yogurt and rice. I then tried everything left on my banana leaf with the papadum, a thin, crispy flatbread that is so light it’s almost like air. Next up was the spiced buttermilk, which was nice, but wasn’t my favorite. It’s like a watered-down yogurt with spices or peppers in it.

And finally, we ended our meal with the payasam, a sweet dish that contained cashews and jellies and looked and tasted a lot like a light rice pudding.

After our meal, Anashwara took us to the Mahatma Gandhi Station to catch a 10-minute train ride to Cubbon Park. Cameras aren’t allowed in the metro station, so we had to stow them away while we commuted. We arrived at Cubbon, a massive park that boasts lots of greenery and a significant temperature drop because of the shade from all the trees. At the entrance is a cool military jet, and inside you’ll find vendors selling chaats, coconuts, ice cream, and more. The park was beautiful and packed with people, especially families enjoying a nice, relaxing Sunday. It was a great spot for us to chill for a bit before getting on with the rest of our busy day!

I hope you had fun joining me, Sam, and Anashwara for our incredible, spicy southern Indian thali lunch and our trip to Cubbon Park! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment below! And please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already so you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming food and travel content!

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