The or Montania de Siete Colores in Peru ” are a few hours drive outside of , and it has a bit of a wild story.

As far as travel attractions go, it’s brand new. You might ask “how can a mountain be brand new?” Well, it was covered with snow all year round until 2015. The climate has warmed enough to uncover the beautiful Rainbow underneath. There are several mountains there with these colours, and they say it matches the Cusco flag, which is also a rainbow.

It’s hard to miss it when you walk through the town. It seems like every second tour shop offering hiking, has a Rainbow Mountain trek poster on the outside of the shop offering 1 day tours, 3 day tours, and everything in between.

We found a freelance guide through a friend. His name was Santos and we locked in a one day trip. That meant a 3am wake up, and a 3 hour drive to the trail head.

It’s quite a hike to the top. It took us about 4 hours to reach the summit and we froze our asses off up there. It’s well over 5000m above sea level, which is about double Machu Picchu and Cusco. I had never been at that altitude and you really feel it when you try to walk and talk.

Hey, it was all worth it though. It was a unbelievable thing to see, even if I have some mixed feelings about the whole climate change issue. It’s not the Peruvians causing problems.


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