2018 was an epic year of travel for me, and it began and ended in the same place: India. In January, I visited the country for the first time and fell in love with it so much that I knew I had to go back as soon as I possibly could. That opportunity came eleven months later, in November, when I spent nearly three weeks experiencing more of this country’s beautiful culture and outstanding food with my travel buddy Sam from Sam & Audrey.

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Even though we had only been in Amritsar for less than a day, Sam and I already had tons of epic Amritsari adventures under our belt as our first day in the city continued with a trip to the - with our friend Japneet to witness the - flag ceremony and have an incredible Pakistani dinner at Border Restaurant!

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Sam, Japneet, and I took the 30-minute car ride to the Indian-Pakistani border from Amritsar. On our way, we bought two Indian flags for 200 rupees each. We made it to the village of Attari, which lies directly across from the Pakistani village of Wagah on the other side of the border. It is here that the world-famous Attari-Wagah flag ceremony takes place. Japneet got us VIP tickets to the ceremony so we’d get to see it up close and personal. After a quick, scary moment where we realized we’d forgotten our passports, we went inside after we showed them our IDs. Bring your passports when you come here!

The venue itself is like a massive stadium, but I noticed that the Indian side is a lot bigger than the Pakistani side. Once we got to our seats, the crowd passed a gigantic Indian flag overhead. It was such an exciting way to kick off the lowering of the flags ceremony, which takes place daily from 5-5:30 p.m., dates back to 1959, and is a military practice that the security forces of India and Pakistan take part in. This ceremony, which is well-known around the world, symbolizes both the brotherhood between the two countries, as well as their friendly rivalry. The drills that take place during the border ceremony are known for their dancelike movement and showy high leg kicks. The energy of the crowd was electric! There is a lot to take in during the 30-minute ceremony, from the drills and the music to the enthusiastic shouting and chanting from the crowd.

After the ceremony ended, the three of us headed to Sarhad (which means border) Restaurant, for some authentic Pakistani food. We started with a Chicken Seekh Kebab and Dahi Ka Kebab, which is a fried patty with yogurt inside, along with some mint chutney. It was amazing! The mint chutney was fantastic and a little spicy, and the chicken was really soft, almost like poached chicken. The Dahi Ka Kebab looked like a potato fritter and had lots of herbs inside.

Next, we ordered garlic naan, Lahori Naan (which has onion seeds sprinkled on it), and Peshawari Naan (which contains dried fruits and nuts including raisins and almonds) along with three Pakistani curries: a mutton curry, a chicken curry, and a dal. They all looked incredible and each of them came with a chili pepper.

The mutton curry was super tender and juicy, and was falling off the bone! The chicken curry, especially its sauce, had so many flavors in it and the Lahori Naan was nice and crunchy and had a beautiful contrasting texture. Of course, I had to try one of the peppers…and yes, it seared off all of my taste buds!

Next was the dal, which was refreshing and didn’t have a ton of spices in it. Then I tried the Peshawari Naan with the chicken curry. The naan was sweet and perfect with the chicken curry! I honestly can’t say enough about Indian sauces. They get it right every single time!

And finally, we had dessert: Lahori Khalifa Khatai with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and all of it drizzled with Khalifa syrup. The biscuits were dense and super nutty and also contained cashews and pistachios. The Khalifa tasted a lot like chocolate! I never would have known it wasn’t chocolate if Japneet hadn’t told me!

I hope you enjoyed our trip to the India-Pakistan border and our mouthwatering Pakistani feast! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. And please subscribe to my channel!

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