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What’s it like to ride and in ? This video will give you an idea. Subscribe for more videos http://bitly.com/1NL1tD7 for free! Deb road an ostrich at the Cango Ostrich Farm in the Western Cape, South Africa and we learned all about Ostriches. Most importantly, how to ride one. It’s not for the faint of heart. Read all about our experience at http://bit.ly/1BEWCgs

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I’m about to ride Killer the ostrich at the Cango Ostrich Farms here in South Africa let’s see how I do

Anything happen while like breaking an arm or leg or your neck is your responsibility

My own stupidity

It’s okay, it’s okay

Gosh this one’s frisky!

Ok give her a round of applause!


Thank you!

I just rode an ostrich and that was really fun.

You know what? It’s not so bad.

You just clench your legs and hold on to their wings and off you go and lean back and thank God you have the rangers with you ‘cause they can grab you if you start to fall off ‘cause I felt myself going!

Neck massage time!

Wooh ha ha ha

The perfect spa.

ha ha ha ha

Thank you very much for an amazing day!

We had an amazing morning here at the Cango Ostrich Farm where Deb got to ride an ostrich, I got to get an ostrich neck massage and we got to learn a lot about how they breed ostriches here.

So if you do make your way along the Garden Route, make sure you stop here at the Cango Ostrich Farm because it’s an incredible experience!

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