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The Tultepec Pyrotechnics festival happens every year in March. This crazy Mexico fireworks fiesta has and event called the of Fire or “ de ” Where are made of paper and wood, covered in fireworks, lit on fire, and then pushed around a plaza filled with people. It is a crazy festival, and one best adventures I’ve had.

I took my Hero 5 to get a POV of the inferno as over 500 Flaming Bulls spun, exploded and shot fireballs in every direction.

I was asked to post some of the raw GoPro video footage online, and thought that would a great idea. It really shows how chaotic is was in there.

If you like action, fire, travel, or just crazy POV shots. This pushes all of those to the extreme.

Welcome to the Feria Nacional de la Pirotecnia 2018


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