el Agua, AKA the of , , is a very strange place to visit. Located about a 90 minute drive from Oaxaca City, this natural wonder is one of the top things to see in .

This adventure kicked off a giant roadtrip with some YouTuber friends of mine. Backpacker Steve, Brendan van Son, Jodie Dewberry, and I jumped in a rental car and drove through Oaxaca to Chiapas in search of waterfalls in Mexico. This particular Mexican Waterfall was very special

This wonder of nature was high on our list. We arrived early on a Monday morning in the offseason (December), and barely saw anybody until midday.

Although appearing similar to a hot spring, the water is actually cold. The bubbling of the water comes from trapped gasses under the ground that bubble up with the mineral rich groundwater. This process is why the location is named The Water Boils in Spanish, even though it not actually boiling.

From a distance, these giant rock formations look like cascading waterfalls frozen in time. In photos, it’s actually not apparent that it isn’t water. There are several of these giant petrified waterfalls at the location, and walking trails connecting them all together.



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