Episode 2 of Discovering with Becoming Filipino. In this vlog we explore more of the island of in Philippines.

During day 1 part two I horribly lose a dunk competition to a bunch of locals in Maluso, we find on Langgas Island, and I sit down and talk about what the first day was actually like.

This small island has had a lot of trouble in the past. Muslim extremist groups have damaged its people and its reputation. As a foreigner in the Philippines, everyone told me to stay away from the south. Mindanao was “dangerous” and “no one should go”, is what I was told by both filipinos and foreign travelers. After the Mindanao roadtrip with the Fighterboys, I would have to disagree. Love and generosity is what we experienced, an appreciation from the people that I have rarely felt while travelling the world. We met the governor of ARMM, our local contact (always have a local contact) and spent 4 days here. While I wouldn’t recommend travelling here on your first day in the Philippines,

This is Day 1 Part 2 of exploring Basilan Mindano Philippines.

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