This is Episode 3 of Discovering with Becoming Filipino. In this vlog we experience Filipino hospitality at its finest. Starting off our day, we visit Lamitan City, home of the weavers, here we are given beautiful headbands as a gify from the village elder, and I try my hardest to crack a coconut. After we grab a lunch and I somehow find myself trying Betel Nut again, (Called Apo here), and we explore a columnar basalt called Bulingan Falls… and I can tell you, it’s one of the best waterfalls in the Philippines. While visiting this island might not be at the top of Foreigner tourist list of the top things to do in the Philippines, we hope that soon people will begin to return to this beautiful island.

A bit more backstory on Basilan, and this series.
This small island has had a lot of trouble in the past. Muslim extremist groups have damaged its people and its reputation. As a foreigner in the Philippines, everyone told me to stay away from the south. Mindanao was “dangerous” and “no one should go”, is what I was told by both filipinos and foreign travelers. After the Mindanao roadtrip with the Fighterboys, I would have to disagree. Love and generosity is what we experienced, an appreciation from the people that I have rarely felt while travelling the world. We met the governor of ARMM, our local contact (always have a local contact) and spent 4 days here. While I wouldn’t recommend travelling here on your first day in the Philippines,

This is Day 2 of exploring Basilan Mindanao Philippines.

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